Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scholar by day Gangsta by night

Now I know all 6 of you that admit to following this beauteous blog of mine probably thought I had fallen off the face of the earth- I didn't. Although there have been times where I wish I had, such as today when I had to take my math test. Remember how much I love it? Here. So yes I am done with math and spanish FOREVER!!!! Praises be. After I take my D&C test tomorrow, I shall be a free woman for approximately 3 weeks! These three weeks will consist of free food, sleep, sleep, chauffeur Mac/Mom/Dad, family, tv, sleep, rookie, sunshine, shorts, sleep, PRESENTS, and not 9:00 church. So all in all life is grand, or will be soon enough. I will no longer have to wake up before the sun rises to go to class, as today when I left for my first test the sun was no where near making it over the mountains and when I got out of the test it was EFFING snowing. Probs gonna be worse next semester. ugggh. Someone told me that when they is around me they start talkin all ghetto n stuff, I decided its a compliment. Also if any of you don't read/follow this website PUHLEASE DO! Someone should buy me Hustla da Rabbit shirt.

yours truly
part time scholar, part time gangsta

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hearing the sentence "you've got a lot of hair" is something I have really missed hearing