Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Dear spider in my shower,

You are rather ugly, not the normal kind where it is easy to kill you. You are big, brown, and make me want to pass out. Since my friend won't come kill you for me, you might get to stay in my curtain for a few more weeks unless you GET THE EFF OUT. I really wish you would go down the drain or up a vent because I hate taking quick showers. I'd rather ponder life, and wash my hair slowly making sure every strand is clean. So please I beg of you- LEAVE!!!!!!

No hard feelings right?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Life. Goes. On

Today I have so many thoughts going through my head like:

I tried and that's all I can do

Spider: 1 Lexi: 0

Best weekend in a long time

Summer where are you

How the freak am I going to get all this shiz done by Wednesday

Where am I going to live next year

Why are you such a gosh darn hypocrite

Clothes pack yourself

So grateful for my amazing friends

ugh well I just gotta take things one step at a time right?