Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Thoughts

These pretty much sum up my feelings about the election!
I laugh at the people who try and post something politically enlightening and don't use correct grammar, short hand, use the wrong word, or blatantly spell something wrong.

Anyways on more important topics of the election, one of my professors, who is extremely intelligent, worked in the Reagan Administration, has connections to about everything, taught in Finland, and served his mish with Romney was talking about abolishing the electoral college because its basically passed its prime. I kind of agree with that statement, and then I get on facebook, and realize there are still dumb aces that I do not want to influence such fragile objects. I think there should be compromise (since this country is all about compromise i.e 3/5ths compromise, Mason Dixon Line) that allows popular vote to count for 40 or 50 % and then electoral college to count for 60 or 50%, then people will feel like their votes actually count, and the electoral college can balance out the idiots that shouldn't be voting, or allowed to post anything on a public forum.

Anyways I look forward to 2016


Monday, August 13, 2012

The best two weeks of the past 4 years!

Well as the Olympics have come and gone, and I have devoted the hours it is on to watching it (with the exception of work and a few encounters with friends) there are some things that I have found incredibly inspiring:
1.      The women from Afghanistan and Qatar competing in the 100m sprints. They weren’t first, or second in qualifying, but the woman from Afghanistan was last in her heat and the woman from Qatar did not finish due to a hamstring injury; but there is so much more importance than winning the race, they have won in so many other aspects. It is the first year women have competed for Afghanistan, which means huge strides for them. Also they don’t have the level of training as the American women or the Jamiacans (as we know the swept the 100m in 2008), but they are still here representing their country trying their hardest. I think they deserve more than a Gold Medal, Platinum.
2.      The rower from Niger. Niger has no coastal borders, and is covered 80% by the Sahara. He was a single man rower, and finished in last, more than a minute behind the first place guy. The cheers when he crossed were so incredibly loud. Once again the lack of intense training did not stop him from living his dream as an Olympian.
3.      The 15yr old swimmer from Lithuania than won gold in the 100m breaststroke. This is pretty self explanatory, but even Michael Phelps didn’t medal when he competed in Sydney at 15.
4.      Not inspiring but Usain Bolt is incredibly arrogant.
 5. Oscar Pistorious aka blade runner 
6. Countries that won their very first medals ever, Grenada, I had never heard of this country, but after the background stories, I kinda want to visit!

My faves
- Swimming, naturally
- Rowing
-Water Polo
- All the world records that got slaughtered
- everything
- Oh and also that the Chinese got second in the medal count! USA
- I also found out I can get a masters in Olympic Studies, your reading the next Jacques Rogge's blog

Now until Rio:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Why my dog is probably (actually definitely) better than your dog

You know how everyone thinks their child is the cutest and most perfect baby? Well I don't have any offspring of my own, but my dog (hereinafter "Rookie"(some work skillz)) is the best and here is a list why:
-He looks like he is wearing a tuxedo
-He has big ears
-I am his favorite person
-He sleeps in my bed every morning, only when I am in it though
-He is so intelligent
-He knows when one of  the four of drives up and always goes and waits by the door
-He loves ice cream & popcorn
-He loves car rides, window down, wind in his fur
-He has a mean bark
-He growls at my family when they try to disturb our sleep
-He only hates two things: getting bathed and the mail man
-He loves to play
-He loves to be outside with us, and meeting new people
-He like to play with people rather than other pups
 who wouldn't love this face?

Thursday, June 7, 2012


The other day I was thinking about this lady that was in my ward growing up, who passed away when I was in high school. She was soo vibrant and her mature age. I got the chance to get to know her better at this little luncheon we had in young women. She was somewhere in her mid 90s when she passed and you would have never guessed it, anytime she bore her testimony or signed a card she would say I am 91 and a half years old, or however old she was at the time. She never ceased to put a smile on my face, or any others. She passed away in her sleep, and Im sure when she got to reunite with her husband she was so cheerful and beaming even more than usual. I grew very fond of her, and I miss her dearly. I can only hope to be half as exuberant when I am only 75. She is truly missed.

Friday, May 11, 2012

East Coast lovin'

Right now my heart yearns to be on the east coast, but more during fall, mostly because humidity and my hair are not the best of friends. I am not quite sure why especially because I have only really been to DC. I think its because the computers at work have desktop backgrounds of fall on the east coast. I really think I could live there. Right now I want a house like this:
but maybe some greener grass. Even this one will do:
I love this pathway.

I would love to see things like this while driving to work or church:

Don't get me wrong Utah does have some pretty colors and all but let's be real, Utah is so bipolar sometimes it forgets that we have to have a fall.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Dear spider in my shower,

You are rather ugly, not the normal kind where it is easy to kill you. You are big, brown, and make me want to pass out. Since my friend won't come kill you for me, you might get to stay in my curtain for a few more weeks unless you GET THE EFF OUT. I really wish you would go down the drain or up a vent because I hate taking quick showers. I'd rather ponder life, and wash my hair slowly making sure every strand is clean. So please I beg of you- LEAVE!!!!!!

No hard feelings right?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Life. Goes. On

Today I have so many thoughts going through my head like:

I tried and that's all I can do

Spider: 1 Lexi: 0

Best weekend in a long time

Summer where are you

How the freak am I going to get all this shiz done by Wednesday

Where am I going to live next year

Why are you such a gosh darn hypocrite

Clothes pack yourself

So grateful for my amazing friends

ugh well I just gotta take things one step at a time right?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


My hair has really been frustrating me for several reasons.
1. It has naturally decided to do the whole ombre look. When I was sick but didn't know it my hair came in super light (and also thinned a whole lot) and then after awhile it started coming in really dark. So it was then almost black and white. I could not handle that so I bought some lightening spray and decided to make the transition a little more pleasant. But now my roots are coming in dark so my hair is THREE different colors.
1030_rachel-bilson-chanel-paris-ombre-hair_bd.jpg (365×548)
This is a little darker and more grown out than mine, but you get the idea.

2. My hair does not dry the same. When I let it dry naturally the front dries pretty straight with a little wave, but the back is like ultimate perm. It is soo annoying. The really light parts of my hair don't really curl. Yesterday after I showered and washed my hair I put my hair in a bun, and left it in, even over night, the ends were just straight, probably because when it started growing in lighter it also came in straighter than previously. After my hair had dried completely and I took it down the right said of my hair was moderately curly and the left side was pretty straight, and once again the back(until the super blond tips) was a FREAKING PERM!!

I just really want it to grow out, I miss it when it was longer, but at least its back to its normal thickness. Hopefully by the end of the summer it will be pretty long, it does grow really fast, so let's hope that doesn't fail me.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well there is no particular theme for this blog post, I am just going to let my thoughts run wild.

Yesterday in my Humanities class we were discussing this and we were talking about those nit-picky people at BYU that think they should tell you what you are doing wrong. I literally felt like my teacher had video taped my house, my roommate is just like that. He was saying how he couldn't stand those people who are so quick to tell you what you're doing wrong and then he said something that my mother had said to me a few weeks before "obviously people like this are guilty of something themselves" I could not help but laugh hysterically, on the inside of course.

On a deeper note I have thought about somethings. This semester I have been MUCH better about attending the gym. While there I saw this man in a wheel chair with his legs strapped down, and he was still working out his arms. Another experience is in my LDS temples class, my teacher is blind. If he didn't tell us (and I sat towards the back of the class the first day and couldn't see his eyes) I would have no idea he was blind. He gets around so well and does things without help from the class or anyone else. It made me think, my body works and all 5 of my senses work, why do I limit myself sometimes, I think we all do it. If I were actually handicapped I don't know that I would be so proactive about life. Gives me something to think about.

Also we are more than half way done with this semester and I CAN NOT WAIT for summer. I went home this passed weekend so it was like a touch of summer in February. ugh. But the thing is....I have NO idea what I will be doing. ugh. I need a job.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As of late I have really been craving the summer. Its funny because just 2-3 months ago I was craving Christmas. I think the underlying theme here is that I crave home. When I was leaving California to start my freshmen year at BYU I was soo excited to get away and start a new life, not have a curfew or rules. Don't get me wrong I still do appreciate that but there is something about being home that is just great, maybe it is the stress free life, or free food, or lack of roommates I do not like, or sleeping in my own room in a big bed, or the continual sunshine that California is so great for, probably the combination of them all. But I keep dreaming of the sun flowing, wearing some shorts and flip flops not caring about a thing in the world.
One of my favorite things about the summer is waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirp. It is so great. I didn't get to go to the beach last summer, which I kind of regret, as I look at my extremely pasty skin, but what ever. I miss laying in the hammock in the backyard falling asleep with a book in my hand.

I miss flowers in bloom. Sad to admit, but I miss my dads farm in our backyard and front yard. I miss not having a care in the world.

Summer....come quickly please

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sports Hero Day

Yesterday I volunteered for BYU's Sports Hero Day. Sixth graders from around the Wasatch county come to BYU and get to learn about sportsmanship, overcoming obstacles, setting goals, and such from BYU's athletes. I had some very funny experiences with these sixth graders. When they first got to me the boys and girls naturally were segregated and the boys REALLY wanted to meet Riley Nelson and football players, but sadly our group didn't get to see the football players. I had one guy think he was just great, but when the athletes had them do little drills, sadly he was no A-Rod, but that's all right. They were soo hyper, I couldn't believe anyone could be so hyper at such an early time. We mostly saw female athletes and this only little boy would get caught in a gaze and wave and say "I like you" it was pretty funny because the other kids were like "dude that's weird" The last workshop my group went to was the cheerleaders and they were ECSTATIC to meet CHEERLEADERS!! On the way there non stop I heard "I wanna meet a cheerleader" and lucky for them they did. One of which was Jimmer's Fiancee and she gave them hugs at the end, and then they found out who she was and they could not stop talking about "I GOT TO HUG A CHEERLEADER" it was probably the best and only thing they will remember from sixth grade. The cheerleaders had them play missionary tag and this one girl in my group DID NOT want to be partners with a boy. Her partner had gone to put her jacket down and the boys were like "Erica (I don't actually remember her name) I will be your partner" and she gave them the sassiest look ever. I couldn't help but laugh. All in all it was a lot of fun and will definitely do it again!

Friday, January 13, 2012


So last night I went to Zumba with my friend Alyssa. Neither of us had ever been before and we wanted some new variety to our workout. Man oh man was it INTENSE!!! Several times throughout I thought I was going to die, but I definitely want to go again! However I learned that I am soo unattractive while working, most people would be like "oh yeah me too, I'm all sweaty and stuff" but there are just some people who just don't get super gross. For example my hair must be up in a ponytail with a headband to keep the loose ends out my face, there are some people that work out with their hair down and it looks find, mine will get all nasty and curl and frizz up. Not. Cute. Also my face turns BRIGHT red and then super pale, some just have normal colored face. My face also drips with sweat, others don't. I don't understand it. But whatever it was a lot of fun, my body does hurt today though, the stairs to campus felt never ending. I think the best part was the guy dancing in front of me shakin his thang like it aint no thang!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home sweeeet home

I love being home especially after a stressful semester. I was home for almost three weeks!! When I came home my dad picked me up from the airport and on the drive home sure enough there was thunder and lightening. oh yipee. We got to go to Maria's, my favorite Mexican restaurant, for dinner. It was only chilly for about three days and then after that it was nice and sunny.
Significant things I did whilst home:
Helped my mom make 70 caramel apples-too many
Had the missionaries over for dinner for the first time in my 20 years on this earth
Shared a car with Mac
Went to Mac's baseball game
Had lunch with Sadie GEALTA
Wore shorts almost everyday
Baked some delicious red velvet cookies
Had some awesome Christmases
Got two new pairs of shoes
Shopped with my mom and grandma
Went to a pretty slow New Year's party
Made pink lemonade
Played with Rookie
Got to hang with my girl Julianne

All in all a wonderfully warm Christmas break. Being back in pootah makes me miss home for several reasons:
Bill and Shauna- yes at times do drive me crazy but not more than other roommates I have had to live with
Snuggling with my Rookie
Hearing some great stories about my precious A.
Watching TV with Mac

Until next time Covina

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bucket List

So today I was talking to my brother and we were discussing our New Year's Resolutions and he was like well you know you have to write them down to achieve them and I nodded my head like yeah I know. I am not going to show you my new year's resolutions but I was thinking hmm I should write my bucket list down so here goes:

-Hang glide
-Sky dive, even though I will probably crap myself
-paddle board
-Visit every country in Europe
-Visit every pacific Island (hello tan self)
-Live in a different country for at least a year
-Buy a pair of REALLY expensive shoes (those who have seen my shoes are probably thinking umm you don't need any more shoes- says who?)
-Get my picture taken with a celebrity
-Be friends with a celebrity
-Work for the International Olympic Committee
-Watch all episodes of every season of Friends
-Be on Amazing Race or Survivor

Well this is it for right now! When I expand it or complete one of them, I shall be sure to let you know! I hope everyone had a good Christmas and happy New Year's!!