Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes I think of all of the good memories I have with people, and wish we could relive them or just and reminisce until we die from laughter, but then I remember, I just have way too many good memories.

Clearly these are just a few of my fantastic memories, but lets be honest, who wouldn't want to be my friend- look how much fun I have (and how awesome ALL my friends are)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

All smiles

So this one time I turned 20. And I didn't look like a fat chipmunk! And I have amazing people in my life. So this is how the day started...

Wake up for 8 o clock class....blah

Come home early since I didn't have to go to math review

take a nap

Check the mail and find this:

Momma sent me Georgetown cupcakes....from the show DC cupcakes on TLC....remember the first time I tried them

Then I got 2 cards in the mail one from mom and pops and macky poo and one from grandma

I got a text from a boy asking what color banana hammock I would want him to wear that night

Then I got to go to CPK with some amazing friends where one boy even took his shirt off

I obviously did not choose this picture because I think I look hott.... it just perfectly describes my amigos.

Caleb decided we needed to dance in the middle of the street and tell everyone we were in love

The waiter Coby, ( the white version of Kobe) gave everything to me before anyone else and did this super awkward "Birthday girl" song whenever he brought my food.

Then I got to skype with Suhrena. She be awesome.

Then I ate one of these:
Superbly delish

So I would totally post a picture of my 3 bdays at college...but who am I kidding I am not about to put a picture of last year up- although many people would like to see caleb and gavin pretty much naked

But here is freshmen year:
I don't think I have changed much except the hair....and I am now 20!!!!!
Except Mac tells me I look like I am 14 -_-

Anyways as you can tell I had a fabulous birthday and am grateful for those who came and made my night soo much more enjoyable!
I Luv YOU!!