Wednesday, July 27, 2011


One of the websites I waste toooo much of my time on is it never ceases to amuse me. So I decided I would share some of my favorites

Dear little brother,
It's not cool to untie the strings on my the back of my bikini; its not like a Christmas present.
Dear anger management attendee,
On a scale of 1-Chris Brown, how upset are you?
Dear sister,
That spider is more afraid of you th...... OH MY GOD IT'S HUGE!
Dear Surveys,
If 4 out of five people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean the 5th enjoys it?
Dear teenage boy speeding into the parking lot with your windows down and music up,
You're going to Target.
Dear Rebecca Black,
At least I brush my teeth in the morning.
Dear male cafeteria attendant,
Am I supposed to address you as a "Lunch Lord?"
Dear Karma,
I have a list of people you missed.


Does anyone know what today is?????

Well in exactly one year from this date will be

Words don't describe how much I LOVE the olympics!!!! I really don't know why either but I have a list of possible reasons:
- I love competition and well this is the ultimate competition
- Every sport is in season at the olympics
- I want USA to win everything
- Hotttt athletes

But in one year we get to see LOTS of this

and this

Ok so maybe I am a little obsessed, but I mean look at those abs!!

I also really like gymnastics, track and field, rowing, basically everything, well except fencing that's weird.

In other news for today I have decided that you should never tell people over the age of like 30 about, they will misuse it and not work.

Also I have found this other website to wasted even more of my time. Its dear John letters from missionaries, some are so sad, some are just pathetic. But I thought this one was really funny and cute:

Dear John (alias Elder Davis),

To introduce myself, my name is Elder Nebeker. I am writing on behalf of a mutual friend, her name is Karen Jackson. I have had the opportunity over the last little while, to become very well acquainted with her. She is as I am sure you will agree, a very special young lady. Karen has asked me to write and tell you about the latest commitment that she has made in her life. She just didn’t know how to tell you!

Over the past little while, Karen and I have developed a very special relationship with Christ, and with each other. We have united forces and faith, to help fulfill her desires and my goal. Two days after the birth of our Lord (April 8) I posed a question that will no doubt, change the path of her mortal probation. And eventually the state of her eternities.

It is a decision that came after much time and communion with our Heavenly Father. This major decision in her life will no doubt, bring much happiness to the three of us. I’m sure that you know of the covenant that is mentioned in the 132nd section of the Doctrine and Covenants where it says, “For behold, I reveal unto you a new and an everlasting covenant; and if ye abide not that covenant, then ye are damned; for no one can reject this covenant and be permitted to enter into my glory.” Elder, now I hope that you don’t think that we have done this without you in mind. We have wondered how to tell you this for quite some time. So we just decided to stop beating around the bush and tell you. I’m sure that it shows in the letters. The commitment has been made, the date has been set, and we are going to go for it. We hope that we have your best wishes.

Elder, this is something that must happen to the best of us. I am sorry that it had to happen while you were out on your mission. But, I hope that this will not affect your missionary work in a negative way. Karen and I have been seeing each other 3 to 4 times a week. As we have met, we have had those special feelings that must come in order to make the decision that she has. Elder, I wish that I could tell you in person, I feel that this is the right thing for us to do. I am sure that as you pray to our Heavenly Father, you will also come to the knowledge and the conviction that what we are about to do is the will of our Heavenly Father.

I hope that you are not getting the wrong idea. We are already starting to prepare for the event. She has started to invite people to it. The date that we have set is May 13, 1982. This will be the day that Karen Jackson will become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Elder Davis, in other words she is going to be baptized a member of the church.

She is ready and more than willing. Maybe what I should do is to tell you a little bit of the background of what has been going on up here. On April 6, Karen called us here in the mission office and asked if she could take the missionary discussions. We said we would work her in. The very first night that we met with her the spirit was one of the Lord. That of truth and peace. She accepted the invitation to follow the Savior into the waters of baptism. Elder, you are very fortunate to have a girl like that. She will be ready and fully prepared to be yours for the eternities.

She will be baptized in your ward, and your father will perform the baptism. Elder Burk, another missionary that has been working with her will confirm her into the church. Congratulations on your diligence in the field. You have been a very effective and influential part of her life. I can see that she is very much in love with you and what you stand for. May this bring much happiness to your day, and may you find and share the blessings of this with a new investigator.

Buddies in the Gospel,

Elders Nebeker and Burk

P.S. Sorry for the Dear John on the front.

~The letter was received 2 days before her baptism. We were married 3 months after I returned home from the mission.

mucho amor

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puzzle Pieces

Sometimes I think about relationships we have and how they just start so easy and everything just works and falls into place, ask me why I do not know the answer but to me this is like a puzzle, like one of those 5000 piece ones that take FOREVER to complete. At first we put the easy ones together like the edges and corners and looks like this is easy. Then you get to the 4950 inner pieces and many look the same and are the same shape. Soon it gets difficult and you put some pieces into the wrong spot, and you continue telling yourself its fine and it will work just because you are scared to break it apart and start from the beginning. So when you get to the finale it isn't a picture its a jumbled mess of pieces that fit together somewhere else in the puzzle. So in order to make it look like the beautiful picture it is meant to be you have to break it apart and fix the areas you messed up in. This is like any kind of relationship, everything is easy and things start to get complicated and you know you each need to fix things about the relationship but are scared of calling it quits if it gets brought up, and as time continues you do it over and over again until the point where you don't even know what you are and want to continue working to be that great relationship, but sometimes you have to separate yourselves and work on things individually, and then work as a team to develop to be the power couple you were meant to be!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sparkly Jeans

No I do not want Sparkly Jeans, I solely want to be a member. A member of what? The sparkly jeans club- freshmen year Merilee and I nicknamed the wives of the football players the sparkly jeans club because we noticed they ALL had sparkly jeans. We each had our first pick of who we would want to initiate us into the club(of course we found out if they already had initiated someone duh) and they fell victim to our stalking- unknown to them of course!! They always had the best seats- didn't have to climb the heinous stairs, didn't have to pay for the great seats, 0h yeah and were married to beautiful men. So over the years we strive to become members, but we don't know all the right people, but one day one day we will be presidents of the sparkly jeans club- national branch, not just the BYU branch. We first have to find this years prey.......

Some may call me a miracle worker

Most of you are probably like, "yeah I don't think I would call you that" but I know 3 people that would (at least) A.T, and Mr. and Mrs. De La Garza.

Why might you ask?? Well this is A.T

and yes those are my sunglasses. This was taken right before I left for BYU. My favorite quote from him that day was, "i like how the sand exfoliates my feet" anyways he is Mac's BFF and sometimes we think lover (just kiddin). He does not always say or do the most intelligent things. So for the second summer, I have been ever so lucky to tutor him in Math. This year its algebra, and he failed it the first time around. This past week I spent a total of 8 hours in 3 days over there. He just needed a C to get what he wanted from his parents and hopefully into college. Well he not only got a C he got a B!!!!! I will definitely take credit for this because I had I not been there to walk him through EVERY step, he would have probably guessed on everything and got an F..again. If he were lucky maybe a D. But he didn't. When I get back from Utah I get to do the whole second semester. Let's hope he does not procrastinate until the last week it is due again, and maybe we can have more time to finish and maybe get a better grade!!!!! :)

P.S this is why it takes so long-
I am no miracle worker, I am however a tutor ( and occasionally a babysitter)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some of the greatest

Freshmen year we had a quote board.

It was great. Now I have my own personal quote board to remember the funny things I hear this summer. Here are some of the best:

My grandpa *side note, he will be the wittiest person until he dies* In reference to a picture of himself from about 20 years ago: " I'm so good looking I didnt even recognize myself"

Boss' wife at work "oh yeah they have big 'ol fake bazoongas, trust me no one will be checking this out"

A.T - Mac's BFF, who I have the pleasure of tutoring for the third year in a row, talk about job security. In reference to the lady who chopped off her husbands manhood " There is no point in living with out a ****"

My boss " I have offered your services to so and so" ok I guess I am now a prostitute

Nikki- Young crazy lawyer at work, she is hysterical, when you first meet her you're like haa you're a lawyer, wow. "Yeah when I was like 12 I was skiing and I had to pee so bad on the run and the bathroom was soo far, so I just went in my pants. And I was wearing bibs that were impossible to take off." ha

This last one is not a quote but more of a scenario. At work the people that I personally work with are middle aged married women who have children. The young guy who brings stuff into the vending machine is like 22 23 and rather good looking. Everytime he comes in they all "have to get something from the kitchen" and walk out like he is the most gorgeous thing to walk the earth. Its like ok calm down women, some of you could be his mother.

These are just a few of the summer, there will be more as time goes on!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home away from home

This is my BYU family. I love them. As you can see we are a classy bunch of people. I have hot friends, male and female. Be jealous I'm not sure I could have survived this past year with out these kiddos. Like family sometimes they drive me crazy and you just want to slap them sometimes, but you always love them!!! So since I won't be living with the same people next year, I have decided to write a little something nice about all of them! And so no ones feelings get hurt, I will go alphabetically, girls first then boys, since I lived with these chicas.
This is us in a nutshell.

Brittney- This is my second year
living with her, and I was a little skeptical, but I shouldn't have been because she is great. She has to have one of the biggest heart
s of anyone in the entire world. Every time I was in the hospital she came, midnight, middle of class, or during church she was there. She lives off pasta and running a bajillion miles every morning (ew). Her artwork along with robins hung in our living room, while frequent guests oogled over it. She can fall asleep ANY WHERE, people can be screaming at the top of their lungs while she is out like a log. She is a very hard worker, and thus there were times
that we didn't get to her much, so life just wasn't always the same.

Helen- This girl seriously has some hearing problems, she NEVER EVER woke up to the 50 alarms she set in the morning, but lucky me, I did so I had to wake her up. She soon got used to my voice that she didn't even wake up to that towards the end. Helen can pop lock and drop it like no other. I'm pretty sure she only gets about 30 h
ours of sleep a week. Her family also has DELICIOUS restaurants, that she often brought left overs from.

Madisen- I have known her the longest, and so we decided to li
ve together. She was a busy bee working and educating herself, so the joke was that she was paying rent for no reason, since she was never home. Like Brittney she liked to run in the morning and exercise. She pretty much lives off of soup and cereal, heal
thy diet I know.

Robin- Robin lived off burritos and painting. It was not an uncommon sight to see her doing one or the other, or both. She is an amazing artist!!! I l
oved m
aking fun of her squeaky bed upstairs :) She always has good advice to share! She was always trying to lose weight, which we could never understand because she really has no weight to lose.

Shaylee - OH man, have we had some good times. Together we are unstoppable, we rap, we dance, we laugh, we hoodrat, the list goes on. We w
ould stay up late talking and laughing. She has a classic super obnoxious face that only certain people are privileged to see, it makes me laugh every time. I LOVE THIS GIRL. Teaching her basic cooking skills was always a hoot.

Anjelica- The reason she is not at the top since
her name does start with an A, is that she didn't live in my house, she was next door, but I do consider her family. When these kids drove me insane she was always there to hit up the movies, grab some dinner, shop, you name it we did it. I am living with her in the fall, which shall be a blast. We can laugh all day. My plan for her this upcoming school year is to cure her hypochondria :)

Boys turn.
Alex (and Kylee) - The reason these two are one are because they are the cutest greatest couple in the world, and they will be one in less than 2 m
onths!! YAY Anyways they were always there to cook and bake, Alex always had a gun to fight off the bad guys. Basically every male and female couple should striv
e to be as adorable as them.

Brad - He isn't posted in the picture, but he was still there a lot. It took him a while to become a part of our group because of other priorities. But he finally got his priorities straight and we love him. He only really eats pasta. He likes to mountain bike, and plays ultimate frisbee. Also he is a pretty bomb volleyball pla
yer. I played Brad in pool once, I didn't even get a turn he made everything his first turn.

Caleb- Ladies stop drooling over him, he's not that great!! ;) Someone's got put him in check. Caleb is an awesome guy. He was always that friend to tell me how great I looked, which I appreciate. He is rather cheap though. For example, he practically shattered his thumb and refused to go to the ER because it was expensive, so he is stuck with a retarded thumb. It was not uncommon for me or Shaylee to be asleep and have him storm in the house and be loud enough to wake us up. I'm pretty sure he does not have an inside voice.

Colby- Basically the greatest guy in the entire world. I love him. He is sooo sweet. One of my favorite memories is we were driving home from IHOP at like 2 am and he put on Frank Sinatra and told us that this will be played at his wedding. I am going to miss him so much while he is on his mission, but he will be the greatest!! He always looks like a stud, (ladies we will have a waiting list for when he returns).

Cuyler- I always knew when he was over because of his laugh. He always thought he was a fatty- which is not true, but fun for entertainment. I think his signature phrase was "Ok time out" he uses it quite frequently. Another is one of his pet names for Robin "squishy" in a teeth clenched type of voice, besides this name could not be anymore far reaching since she is soo thin.

Darin- I have known him forever. Since I was like 9. He came into the picture late, but has become a dear friend. Although Daring if you are reading this you owe me 20 dollas still. Him and Jeremy are like BFF. He thinks he is quite the ladies man. No comment. For some reason he always sways his bottom half.

Gavin- So many great things to say about him. Sweetest guy I have ever met. Took me to see Tangled, and brought me flowers when I had Shingles. I know every girl reading this is probably OMG I want him, he is a babe- but sorry the answer is no. He is your average Outdoorsman, hiking fishing shooting, you name he probably loves it. He became our handy man for awhile. The three months he was gone was rather sad.

Jeremy- Also came into the picture a little late because he was on a mission. We ended being really good friends. I think the moment I knew we were good friends was when we were watching TV and he said I'm going to fart, expecting a little fart he farted so loud I was like, the people next door probably heard that. It was rather entertaining. He loves baseball so much and can spike a volleyball like no other.

Nate- Many of my friends are probably like we didnt hang out with a Nate, how bout Bond?? There we go. Also came a little late, but honestly the nicest guys ever. He was always good for a laugh and never retaliated, just kinda shook his head and chuckled. He like Caleb is also fairly cheap. Which isn't always a good thing when we wanna go out to eat, the boys usually split a salad, waiters are often baffled.

Philip- Sometimes I felt like his relationship therapist. Lets face it, he needed my help alot, and probably would not have survived with out it. He was always good for a laugh. He likes to make inappropriate jokes, and he thinks he is the funniest person ever, sorry but I already hold that title :) He wants to have muscles so big that his forearms just dangle from these huge biceps (ew)

Needless to say I love all of these people. Should you be lucky enough to meet them, stop and chat because I can guarantee they will change your life!!!

Sorry if I hang out with you and you didn't get to be considered family, I guess you'll just have to make the effort next year!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet Mac

Most of you know my little brother, who is not so little anymore. This was when he was cute:

Now, I'm not sure what adjective best describes him. So why am I blogging about him? Well lets face it, he is my best friend this summer since I only care to hang out with a few select people from back home- those reading this from back home that I don't hang with- the feelings mutual, you don't text me. Anyways we do a lot of things together, like shopping, eating, rock climbing, playing racket ball, speaking sarcasm, making fun of Bill and Shauna, watching TV, and other
things. Therefore I decided he deserved a blog post.

Here are some things you should know about Mac, pros and cons

- He is scared of spiders
- He is almost 6'1"
- He is 16 almost 17
- He LOVES baseball
- He is a pitcher
- He thinks he is God's gift to the earth
- He walks into my room 2-3 x daily just to flex for me-even though I don't ask, how thoughtful right
- He eats like an animal, I no longer am willing to buy lunch for him because his meal is usually 2-3x more than mine
- He is a brat
- His phone never leaves his hand
- He thinks he is more intelligent than me..........
- He isn't really into video games
- He is bad driver-hence two tickets in one week
- He has been to the baseball world series, and in the newspaper
more times than me -_-
- He sleeps in a twin bed, most of lenky limbs hang over the edges
- He loves his big sister
- He couldn't say my name until he was like 3 so he would call me wheffi, or sassa (sister)
- He has started wearing tank tops ( can you say tool)
- He makes brownies and eats them before anyone can have any, and when ever I make them, he eats them all
- He likes the Redwings, NY Giants, Angels, and the Celtics
-Our summer usually revolves around his baseball!!!

Anyways now you all know a little bit more about little Macky poo who will be graduating next year!!!

Hello new blogging world

Hello friends!!!
So I have decided to create a blog so that I can share all the funny, sad, boring, weird, etc moments that happen in my life this summer since I do not get to keep in close contact with everyone that I would like. So some of you probably already know why I have decided to name by blog this, others might not be sure. And for those that do, may not know the entire story. Therefore I shall commence my new blog with the story of the name... here goes *ahem*

Almost exactly one year ago (on Saturday) I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis, an auto immune disease that attacks everyone in different ways for myself- kidneys. How did I find all this out? Well last summer my family decided to go on vacation to St. Anthony Idaho so that we could ride that sand dunes (fascinating right?) well, I woke up on about the 4th day of vacation with my eyes swollen shut- it had happened before this summer, actually twice, but it was only one eye and less severe- this time it was both and my nose was so stuffed I could not breathe. My parents were like OMG what are you allergic to? So while my mom and my aunt Jenny stripped the bed of anything I could be allergic to I went back to bed ...for 2 hours, at 9 am....weird huh? Anyways they decided that I should go to the hospital, tell me what I am allergic to and then go back and ride some quads- sorry wrong answer- Dr. Redd (who happened to be the father of a good friend of mine from BYU) walks in and says hmm this looks like kidney failure- I stared at him and said umm I'm sorry I am only 18 and therefore this can not happen to me, he said I know but sometimes life works out that way. So I had to go down to the hospital in Idaho Falls because they had a kidney specialist there, so I rode in an ambulance, the sun glaring through the back windows directly into my eyes, with one of those nostril oxygen pumps in my nose 40 miles to IF. Well Dr. Rahim says "Oh you have Lupus Nephritis, you should go home and get it all taken care of down there, because it is a long process. We have a flight that
leaves to LAX tomorrow afternoon, but I want to make
sure you already have a bed lined up until I release you."
Luckily my pops works at USC University hospital so he
called a few people and BAM I had an appointment 2 days
later. Nothing exciting happened other than I had to sleep
with a stupid IV in my arm, not the most comfortable
thing I have ever experienced, but hey. Fast forward to
USC Dr. Akmal walks in sippin' his mocha frap, takes
one look at my miserable face and says "Yup you have
Lupus, lets get you in a bed" blah blah blah he told me
all the symptoms of Lupus and that I had probably
had it for 6 months which in hind sight makes sense
because I had lots of problems during second semester
of my freshman year.
Sign 1: Loss of hair- right after I donated my luscious locks I lost probably 50% of my hair.
Sign 2: Facial Rash- I had this hideous rash on my face and thought it was from pool chlorine- guess it wasn't
Sign 3: Sever stomach pains: Well I passed out at school taken to the hospital and told I had Pancreatitis- nope not that
Sign 4: Chest Rash- I got sunburned when I came back to CA for the summer, and it didn't peel it turned brown and purple-ew
Sign 5: Weight gain despite lack of appetite- yeah I worked out everyday and was never hungry and gained a crap load of unnecessary weight.
Sign 6: Tired- I slept ALL day, even though I did absolutely nothing.
Sign 7: Puffy feet- my ankle bone kinda disappeared, but I was still able to wear normal shoes ( not for long)
Sign 8: Being cold- we stayed in Provo one night and I had to sleep with three comforters I was so cold, and for those who have lived in P-town in the summer know that that is rare.
Sign 9: Butterfly rash- on my face, got my picture taken so it can go in a medical book

Ok back to the boring life I had in the hospital!! I had to wear I stupid hospital gown and had to have an IV put in my hand because I wanted to be able to bend my elbow for obvious reasons-texting- and that was the WORST thing my hand has ever experienced, I cried for 15 minutes telling my dad to make it stop, it eventually stopped. Let me just list everything that went down this whole week
-Daily blood tests
- Peeing in a little "hat" or in a cup- of which I am pro
- Kidney biopsy 3x
- Being woken up at 6 am to take drugs
- Being woken up at midnight to check my vitals -REALLY???
- Only eating potatoes- because that was the only thing that didn't smell funny
- Visitors
- Flowers
- Telling people I was dying ;)
Pretty much it.

After the kidney biopsy I was officially diagnosed with Stage IV Lupus Nephritis, and was released. So where did the puffy cheeks come from- these little guys PREDNISONE

it is of the devil, I took 60 mg EVERY DAY for 2 months, I have been off now for a little over a month- thank goodness. Not only did it make me look like a chipmunk it made every part of my body swell I could only wear these shoes:

not the cutest things I know. I had to buy some bigger clothes, I could not walk up stairs, I sweated after only walking 20 feet, life was miserable. I looked like a chipmunk up until the end of March. Pictures you say- um NO I ran from the camera, because I looked like a compleytely different person. Also I was on a low sodium diet, you would never realize how much sodium is in some things, and what things don't have it.

I take a shiz load of drugs 2x a day. One of which is an immuno suppressant, basically my immune system doesn't work. Sooooo I because of this I have had 2 Urinary Tract Infections, SHINGLES-effing worst pain/thing of my life, Folliculitis- hot tub contamination- lame I know. However there have been some pluses- priority registration, registered disabled student- teachers have to be nice to me when I need extra time for stuff, people bring you stuff when they know you are sick and blah blah. So yeah that is my current life, of which I will never be cured but in remission. So I pray daily that I will never get a flare up!! Sorry I realize this is long and the next ones won't be this long!!