Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Thoughts

These pretty much sum up my feelings about the election!
I laugh at the people who try and post something politically enlightening and don't use correct grammar, short hand, use the wrong word, or blatantly spell something wrong.

Anyways on more important topics of the election, one of my professors, who is extremely intelligent, worked in the Reagan Administration, has connections to about everything, taught in Finland, and served his mish with Romney was talking about abolishing the electoral college because its basically passed its prime. I kind of agree with that statement, and then I get on facebook, and realize there are still dumb aces that I do not want to influence such fragile objects. I think there should be compromise (since this country is all about compromise i.e 3/5ths compromise, Mason Dixon Line) that allows popular vote to count for 40 or 50 % and then electoral college to count for 60 or 50%, then people will feel like their votes actually count, and the electoral college can balance out the idiots that shouldn't be voting, or allowed to post anything on a public forum.

Anyways I look forward to 2016