Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to the Grind

Well it's the time again- SCHOOL!!!!! I can not believe I am already a junior, it seems like just yesterday I was moving into the dorms and meeting my roommates, and now I will graduate next April!!

This semester I am only taking 4 real classes, I mean swim is not a class- it is .5 credits and p/f. Anyways I am taking Calculus- kill me now, Doctrine and Covenants- the second half-apparently my teacher is crazy, Political Science 200- Kill me again, and Spanish 321. So far my classes have been okay, nothing too crazy or exciting has happened, but I have a feeling I may fall off the face of the earth near the middle of the semester. Apparently my Political Science class should really be called PLSC 666, but hey.

I moved into a new house closer to campus, and since I am strong and not weak and not a fat chipmunk like this time last year, I have to walk up the stairs of death. In reality it is much better than having to look for a parking spot. I have my own room, it is a shared room but I have it to myself which means, private bathroom, two beds, oh yeah and privacy galore. I like my roommates. Also I can tell I am going to like my ward as well, they are really social and seem pretty fun!! Well lets hope I survive this semester, it is only the third day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

D.C Thursday and Friday

Well we come to the end of my wonderful vacation!! Thursday was our last FULL day so we basically just hit up some of the sights we missed. We first went to Georgetown University and got us some college apparel, as long as its not Red I can wear it to school. ;) It was very interesting there, it was a very old college, my dad kept making Hogwarts jokes since it did look like a castle and such.

Then we just hung around the town and went to some of the stores we thought we might want to get some things. Then we went to the Bureau of Engravings, where they make money, but just the dollars- the coins they make somewhere else. I didn't realize it takes several days to actually make the money and how many steps and big huge machines there are. Here Mac was wishing he could steel this:
That was pretty much the end of Thursday for us.

Friday we decided there wasn't much for us to do so we packed up and then decided to go to the airport since we had to check out at noon. But my mom didn't want to hang around the airport for four hours so we went to Georgetown Cupcake- since we noticed there was never really a line around noonish. It was really good. I got a Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip that was to die for. They weren't too expensive either. So if you are ever in Georgetown between noon and one- I highly suggest going there.

Then we ended up driving around the Pentagon to kill some more time, and then alas we were off to the airport.

The airport was huge and it took us about 30 minutes just to get to our wing.....CRAZY and we ate at potbelly sandwiches- rather delicious if I do say so myself.

Anyways it was a really fun trip and I am glad that we got to go. I think Spring or Fall would be the ideal time to go because it probably is not as HOT and HUMID- makes me grateful for 89 degree weather with like 2% humidity.

Ugh back to school- wish me luck..........................

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Wednesday

Alright on the agenda for this fine day we headed to Ford's Theater- you know where Lincoln was assassinated. It was soo interesting. They had all the stuff that JWB (John Wilkes Boothe) used to plan out his strategy- his clothes. Even the gun. Other stuff including Lincoln's suit and shoes- to show that he was a rather large man. Anyways did you know the theater is still a practicing theater?? I did not know this. However the presidential box is all closed off and is a semi memorial to Abe and George Washington.

After Ford's theater we headed down the street to the International Spy Museum, and had Lunch at the spy cafe. For me? Chicken tenders please. We headed into the museum, and when you first get there you choose a person you want to be and have to memorize all this stuff about them. Here was my person
Angelina Falcone
she was 21
from italy
going to Vietnam for business

They later quizzed you throughout the museum to see how much you remembered- basically I was so good I should work for the CIA. Anyways the museum showed the transformation of technology for spies- rectal tool kits- um no thanks. It was really cool. They showed the different uses from each war, and celebrities, who were also alleged spies. One lady was a triple agent while her husband was a double agent. Overall very interesting.

D.C Tuesday!!!

So after our exhausting day and miles of walking the day prior we slept in- oh 'til about 10:30ish. Anyways we decided to take a tour of the city on these amphibious cars called the "DC Ducks" historical car/boats from WW2.

We took the bus to the metro to union station- that place is like a mall- fancy restaurants, shops, and a food court. We were lucky enough to get right on the next tour.

It was tons of fun, they look like a boat on wheels, and it drives through the city showing major landmarks, and telling riders about the history of the city, and then it drives right into the Potomac river and you get to see the city from the water- although there is not too much to see.

It was nice because we didn't have to walk for an hour and half in the scorching heat. However, there was this family from Israel and the kids didn't speak English so the father was translating everything while the kids were speaking Hebrew at the top of their lungs, Mac wanted to smack them soooo bad- I don't blame him.

Anyways afterwards we decided to hit up the national air & space museum, where we got to see the original Kitty Hawk and loads of other planes and rockets and flight attendant uniforms, and such. The funniest part of my experience there was that I nearly got punched in the face.

Here's the story: They have this little game where like 12 people can play and they answer the questions with a little panel and such, well Mac and my dad wanted to play (basically who is smarter- obv dad) anyways I was watching on the other side of the circle by this other boy and his little brother well the older got one right and apparently he was super excited about his correct response and decided to do that like "lunge-sideways-and-punch-sideways" well apparently he didn't realize I was standing right there and missed my face by like 6 inches- he didn't recognize my presence until about 3 minutes later, meanwhile Mac is laughing hysterically.

We decided to head back to the Savoy and of course I fell asleep. During the evening we walked around Georgetown and decided to eat at this restaurant called Serendipity. It was alright- dessert = TO DIE FOR!! They have one in NY and Vegas and here is where you can buy this.

A side note: Have you ever run into someone rather cute at a store or something, and think of course I look like poo- I just got out of the shower and don't have makeup on, or I just got done with the gym? Yeah that usually happens to me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

D.C: Monday

Ok so this day was the most walking filled- I am convinced we walked like 12 miles that day. Anyways here's the day as follows:

We took the metro to downtown and walked to the White house. We took some pics:

My mom wanted to go see the White house geese- instead of the front of the white house. Thus she forced us to take pics with the geese.

Since the Washington Monument was just across the street we walked over there and saw it. It is truly magnificent. We also got tickets to go to the top later that night.

We proceeded to the Lincoln Memorial and stopped at the WW2 Memorial first. I was sooo tempted to jump in the water!

The walk to see 19 foot Linc is a lot longer than it seems. Oh and of course the reflection pool was removed and being replaced.

We then walked to the Korean war and Vietnam memorials on our way to get some lunch and the food court in the Reagan Building. This building in itself was huge. We probably walked a mile just in there to get some lunch. The food court was huge and mall worthy. Ate with some important people. NBD.

We then journeyed to the Smithsonian Institutes. First stop the Museum of American history. They were all free, which was nice, but we got scanned every time we went into a new building. My favorite displays were: the olympic one- of course, and the exhibit of the First Lady's Inaugural gowns. They were so beautiful.

We then walked aways to the Museum of Natural History. Some exhibits were a little more boring than others. At this point my feet hurt sooo bad from walking and I thought I was going to die. Here we saw the biggest diamond: the Hope diamond. I wouldn't mind if my engagement ring were just a bit smaller! ;) We took a break in the cafe, and I was trying to convince everyone not to get up because we were tired and sore and I just wanted to go take a nap- FAIL.

We headed over the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. We weren't allowed to take pictures because it could damage the documents. But it was really cool to see them in person and get to read them, even though most of them were fading. Some people were really annoying here, asking stupid questions and little kids putting their faces all over the glass. Ew gross.

About this time we decided to head over to the Washington Monument for our 7:30 elevator ride to the top. Which was really far. and it was hot. But luckily I made it and we were able to get on an earlier ride. It only took 70 seconds to get to the top, which was pretty impressive. You can pretty much see everything within a 25 mile radius. Pretty awesome.

We finally reached the metro station and of course the train took forever to get there and there was no where to sit while waiting. But eventually we made it back. My dad went and got dinner-Chipotle, and then we basically just crashed!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Washington D.C: Saturday and Sunday

I am just going to do the first two days together because not a whole lot happened that is worthy of one post each. So Saturday:

Well we really left Friday night and took the red eye. It wasn't too bad but I wish we were rich enough to fly first class because being squished between my mom and Mac wasn't the most comfortable thing. And whoever we flew didn't give complimentary snacks -_-

So we arrived around noon on Saturday and I swear both Houston and Dulles airport are so freaking ginormous we had to walk like a mile just to get to our next destination.

We rented our car went to the hotel blah blah. Then we decided to get some lunch, so we walked down the street in Georgetown to grab something quick so we could head back and get some real sleep in our tempur-pedic beds. So we ate at this place called Z-burger, and it was pretty good.

We took our amazing 3 hour naps. and then got up and watched a little T.V. Mac slept for like 5 hours. We had to wake him up so we could get some dinner and grab a few things at the store.

Where do you think we went for dinner? A fancy little cafe? or some nice sit down restaurant? um nope McDonalds. Yes, it was fast and we weren't starving so Mickey Dees is where we went, (plus it was open late)

While there we met this kind black gentleman, who insta
ntly became our friend and my brother's 3rd biggest fan (after my grandpa and us) he though he was 21 because of his peach fuzz and thinks he will be famous because he plays baseball. He also thought my dad was a surfer dude- he's a little old to be a "dude"

After we hit up safeway and went back and crashed.


We woke up and went to Mount Vernon. For those who don't know
what that is, it is George Washington's estate. It was HUGE. He was truly an amazing man. I don't think there is anyone in history that will be able to top his innovation skills. There was so much to see there and he literally had his own little city. However, it was so HOTTTTT. Humidity is not my friend, what so ever. Luckily they have installed a sort of air conditioning system in his home. We also ate lunch at the inn there. It was rather good, except for the old wood smell. There were some fun trinkets and history books. M
y souvenir from there is a.......warped penny :)

(George's House- of course they were refacing it while we were there)

(View of the Potomac from the Backyard)

That is just a short synopsis of what we did there- basically because it was just walking around and looking at all the stuff he had. But on our way back to the hotel we decided to drive through the city and see where things were.

For dinner we ate at Angelico's Pizza. It was pizza by the slice = BOMB delicious pizza. Although the worker wasn't very friendly. Oh well.

Monday, August 1, 2011


So yesterday I went to Arizona for my dearest friend Colby's (now Elder Kipp) missionary farewell. We left Saturday at 6 and returned home Sunday at midnight. It was quite the fast trip! Anyways it was so great to reconnect with some great friends. I rode up with Bond, Caleb, and Philip. I forgot how much I freaking love these boys. We seriously had some great discussions, and just felt I got to get to know them on a much deeper level. We arrived at the Kipp residence around midnight and spent a few hours chatting with his AMAZING family. They are seriously some of the greatest people I have EVER met. The next morning we went to church and listened to Colby's talk that brought me to tears and attended his dad's Sunday school class, he teaches 16-18 year olds. Obviously we were the cool kids! Afterwards we went back to his house and spent time with him and his family and ate super delicious food. I also straightened Philip's Jew Mullett. He has the cutest cousins. After spending time together and catching up on the latest gossip, Colby got set apart. The second we sat down, I started bawling. When all those that held the Melchizedek Priesthood stood up and my friends were standing in the circle in front of me, I got this amazing feeling that made me so grateful to be a member of a church, where you don't have to go to school and get a degree to ordain someone to an office. I was also grateful that I have friends who are worthy to hold the priesthood.
We left soon after that and it was so sad to go, but grateful that Colby is going to be serving the Lord for 2 years. I think the car ride home was one of the best parts of the trip, Philip didn't go home with us so it was just Bond, Caleb, myself and Colby's friend Coral. We had great laughs and deep spiritual conversations. It got great once Caleb drank an energy drink and showed us his bieber fever. Boy do I miss hanging out with these kids. Even though our journey only lasted a mere 30 hours, it was a 30 hours I will NEVER forget!!

P.S Arizona is soo effing hott, I WILL NEVER EVER live there!!