Thursday, January 10, 2013

One of my very best friends Merilee, is ENGAGED!!! And not only is she engaged, but she is engaged to the guy I set her up with, anyone else need some eternal match making? ;) back on point:

I am soo overly excited for this day. I am writing this a few weeks before as Derek just told me today that he has a ring, I didn't heckle him too much to tell me when, where and how, although I wish I could know everything, but I will put a limit to my knowledge. I am currently soo excited that I really want to tell everyone, but I promised Derek I would "forget" this info. Mer, I love you, and this has been so hard to keep to myself, because I tell you essentially everything. Anyways to a life full of love and laughter (and little babies whose minds I am going to corrupt jk....maybe)

Derek-remember our chat!

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