Friday, July 13, 2012

Why my dog is probably (actually definitely) better than your dog

You know how everyone thinks their child is the cutest and most perfect baby? Well I don't have any offspring of my own, but my dog (hereinafter "Rookie"(some work skillz)) is the best and here is a list why:
-He looks like he is wearing a tuxedo
-He has big ears
-I am his favorite person
-He sleeps in my bed every morning, only when I am in it though
-He is so intelligent
-He knows when one of  the four of drives up and always goes and waits by the door
-He loves ice cream & popcorn
-He loves car rides, window down, wind in his fur
-He has a mean bark
-He growls at my family when they try to disturb our sleep
-He only hates two things: getting bathed and the mail man
-He loves to play
-He loves to be outside with us, and meeting new people
-He like to play with people rather than other pups
 who wouldn't love this face?

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