Monday, August 13, 2012

The best two weeks of the past 4 years!

Well as the Olympics have come and gone, and I have devoted the hours it is on to watching it (with the exception of work and a few encounters with friends) there are some things that I have found incredibly inspiring:
1.      The women from Afghanistan and Qatar competing in the 100m sprints. They weren’t first, or second in qualifying, but the woman from Afghanistan was last in her heat and the woman from Qatar did not finish due to a hamstring injury; but there is so much more importance than winning the race, they have won in so many other aspects. It is the first year women have competed for Afghanistan, which means huge strides for them. Also they don’t have the level of training as the American women or the Jamiacans (as we know the swept the 100m in 2008), but they are still here representing their country trying their hardest. I think they deserve more than a Gold Medal, Platinum.
2.      The rower from Niger. Niger has no coastal borders, and is covered 80% by the Sahara. He was a single man rower, and finished in last, more than a minute behind the first place guy. The cheers when he crossed were so incredibly loud. Once again the lack of intense training did not stop him from living his dream as an Olympian.
3.      The 15yr old swimmer from Lithuania than won gold in the 100m breaststroke. This is pretty self explanatory, but even Michael Phelps didn’t medal when he competed in Sydney at 15.
4.      Not inspiring but Usain Bolt is incredibly arrogant.
 5. Oscar Pistorious aka blade runner 
6. Countries that won their very first medals ever, Grenada, I had never heard of this country, but after the background stories, I kinda want to visit!

My faves
- Swimming, naturally
- Rowing
-Water Polo
- All the world records that got slaughtered
- everything
- Oh and also that the Chinese got second in the medal count! USA
- I also found out I can get a masters in Olympic Studies, your reading the next Jacques Rogge's blog

Now until Rio:

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