Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am slowly emerging from this mid semester slump. Last week I had tons of ish to do and this week had no energy to put more effort than needed into anything! So here is a low down on what has gone down the past couple of weeks:

I finally spent all my birthday money, it wasn't too hard at first, but I couldn't figure out what to spend the last couple of dollars on:

Halloween came and went. I went as snooki, I looked like I was rolled in dirt, but I think I did snooki justice. I helped the hombres make their spartan costumes, luckily they found someone else to sew them last minute, as their sewing machine lacked a pedal:
what girl wouldn't want to help make these costumes
in case you were unaware that is me as snooki in the middle
up close look of that makeup and poof

I bought my caramel for caramel apples! My roommates were dumb dumbs and didn't believe ange that it was all caramel (it was 30 pounds) ;)

I have been getting to spend some good 'ol quality time with the homies:

Upcoming news:
I am going to St. George next weekend, and then back to the greatest state ever for Thanksgiving so that I can grub.
The semester is almost over, thank goodness.
Oh I will admit probably my most embarrassing moment: now that it has been friggin cold in Utah, I hate it. Anyways I was walking to school this morning and there was a patch of ice on top of the stairs, and whaddayaknow I fell. Luckily no one saw me from the front so I stood up shook it off and did NOT turn around. First fall on campus ice at BYU. ew


  1. i agree... hahahahahhahaha I love that you did NOT turn around! hahah