Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ode to Calculus

Actually this is more of a rant because I absolutely hate that class!!! I hated it 4 years ago when I took it the first time and I hate it again. Its so freaking dumb. The worst is online calculus because if you forget a close parenthesis-WRONG, oh you wrote ex sqaured divided by 3 instead of the cubed root of ex squared (due to parenthesis nonetheless) -WRONG AGAIN. Oh you didn't write the lim as ex approaches blah blah every step of the way? haha WRONG AGAIN. They don't even give you bonus points for being partially right- UGHHH. This stupid class shall be the BANE of my existence, I am so glad this is the last math class I will EVER have to take. Don't get me wrong though I used to LOVE math, until I got to calculus, my brain just doesn't have much more capacity than that. cant. handle. this. Honestly if I didn't have smart friends *ahem Matthew* my grade would suck!!! Oh did I mention that there is this really annoying girl in my lab who thinks she is like the little assistant that can answer questions students ask- oh wait you can't, every time she opens her little yap I want to throw my hands in the air in be like YOURE ANNOYING NO ONE LIKES YOU ZIP IT. But I don't, instead I try and get splinters out of my finger whenever she speaks. uggghhhh only 2 more weeks, which means 7 more lectures and 4 more labs HALLELUJAH.

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