Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's that time again....

Well out here in Provo we had our first snowfall a few nights ago. It wasn't much, most everything had defrosted after we got home from church. Now the mountains and trees were all pretty with little white frost across them, but aside from the pretty scenery there are some negative effects from winter season. Coming from California (notice I didn't shorten that to 'cali', nor will I ever) our winters consist of throwing on a hoodie and whipping out your cute vans or uggs, because rarely does it get below 60- maybe 57 if you're lucky. But here in P-town things are a tad different.

You may wear a hoodie-under another jacket

You rarely wear vans, you rock the rain boots or other HOTT boots.

You most definitely do not wear uggs when it is icy because you will fall (the only girls I have ever seen fall on campus were wearing uggs)

You wear at least one pair of gloves.

Tights or thermal underwear go under the pants.

The second you step out of the shower you immediately put lotion everywhere because you will regret it an hour later when you are soo itchy from all that dry skin.

You constantly have dry boogies that hurt like a mother (oh wait just me? eh well now you know one of my winter flaws)

Your chances of slipping and eating it on campus in front of hundreds of people drastically increases-however many boys will rush to your side and offer you a hand

Now for some nice things:

Cutesy scarves and hats.

Fuzzy socks, of which I own more than my fair share, and will continue to buy more.

Hot chocolate

The holidays

Ski season, I am more enthusiastic about this than I used to be because I haven't gone for like a year and a half, since before I get sicky poo. So I need to get back on the slopes

Christmas parties

Just to name a few things

Now that those of you not from Provo get a little taste of what winter is like here I hope you are superbly grateful you can just get away with a hoodie.

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  1. I LOVE this post! I laughed sooooo hard at the UGG part where you don't wear them because you will fall... and dry boogies.. Totally have them! And they are worse in Idaho. I don't remember picking my nose this much when I lived in CA. Just check how many times you don't do it whilst in CA next time. Love you!