Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well there is no particular theme for this blog post, I am just going to let my thoughts run wild.

Yesterday in my Humanities class we were discussing this and we were talking about those nit-picky people at BYU that think they should tell you what you are doing wrong. I literally felt like my teacher had video taped my house, my roommate is just like that. He was saying how he couldn't stand those people who are so quick to tell you what you're doing wrong and then he said something that my mother had said to me a few weeks before "obviously people like this are guilty of something themselves" I could not help but laugh hysterically, on the inside of course.

On a deeper note I have thought about somethings. This semester I have been MUCH better about attending the gym. While there I saw this man in a wheel chair with his legs strapped down, and he was still working out his arms. Another experience is in my LDS temples class, my teacher is blind. If he didn't tell us (and I sat towards the back of the class the first day and couldn't see his eyes) I would have no idea he was blind. He gets around so well and does things without help from the class or anyone else. It made me think, my body works and all 5 of my senses work, why do I limit myself sometimes, I think we all do it. If I were actually handicapped I don't know that I would be so proactive about life. Gives me something to think about.

Also we are more than half way done with this semester and I CAN NOT WAIT for summer. I went home this passed weekend so it was like a touch of summer in February. ugh. But the thing is....I have NO idea what I will be doing. ugh. I need a job.

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