Saturday, September 24, 2011


Yesterday I worked the football game selling concessions. It was my second game working. The first game was a little hectic, my stand leader was really unsure of what was going on and two of us were new. As you can imagine some things went not so smoothly. Fast forward to Friday- I am working the same stand and I noticed a different stand leader and a different second from last week. As soon as I get there the other girl leans over and says, " I am so glad you showed up, I am going to kill him" I soon felt the same way. I had worked the same stand last week so I kind of knew what worked best, he tried doing things the other way until he realized I was right- of which he told me I was right at least 4 times. Faces were made several times behind his back *ahem brittany,* his hovering really pushed my nerves, and many other things. I soon felt bad for the judgments I made of poor J man, because I realized he is the only boy with 4 girls, and we all know that girls are ALWAYS right. I ended up having to stay and count inventory, in which I had to count the popcorn boxes TWICE, he made me lose count -_-. At the end of it all, I felt bad for being so mean behind his back- I mean he has a sweet spirit! Oh and we won the game! and a friend from my ward was the security guard near my area so I got to chat with him every once in awhile!! I wonder what next Friday will bring us!

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