Monday, September 5, 2011

Missionary Lovin'

I was blessed to have a great experience my freshmen year. I made a lot of good friends that I know will be some of my closest friends for a long time. However, there is one thing I don't like about BYU, and that is freshmen year you make all these awesome friends with the girls and boys in your ward, and then BAM they all go on missions for two years so you have to start all over and make new guy friends, (and when you look like a fat chi
pmunk that is kind of hard to do).

So since most of my friends are coming home VERY soon (:) :) :) :) :) ) I decided to dedicate a post to some of the finest gentlemen I know.

Words do not describe how much I love this kid. He is soo gullible, and willing to do anything crazy. He refuses to say "hot shame" and only s
ays "crying shame" usually his arms flailing in the air. He returns home from North Carolina this January!


Always the prankster. Little cups of water lined the stairs one morning, string tied/taped to all the walls and doors across the lobbies, balloons covered the lobby floors. Of course it was all in good fun- but had I been late to class I would not have been very happy! He returns from Bulgaria in March!


He was our FHE dad. He always had fun activities for us, and would always participate in our fun games our whatever was going down. He is such an
amazing person! He returns home from Milwaukee Wisconsin in May!


California > Maryland, was usually how our conversations got started. He is a suave rapper. Anytime anyone was around him you could not help but smile, he just emanated positive energy! He gave me a blessing once when I got out of the hospital, I don't know how I will ever repay him for that. He also returns home in May from Salt Lake City South!


please ignore my old woman double chin neck-ew

Where to begin... me and this boy have had our fair share of adventures. Laughter is probably the best word to describe our friendship. We had breakfast dates, skype dates, wonderful chats, I mean we were like the best of friends, everyone should envy our friendship. He was my boo, I was his. I can't wait to reunite with him. He returns from Nicaragua in May!


Probably my favorite FHE brother. We had chemistry together, which is probably why our grades weren't as great as they should have been. We really were like brother and sister from laughter to making fun of each other. He acts like a five year old sometimes, which is probably why I love him soo much! He returns home from Canada in June!


Amazing times. Dancing was what we did, from dance parties in his kitchen to going to 80s dancing in Salt Lake, dancing all night long. You could not help but smile while being in his presence, because he was always smiling. I am most definitely sure the people of France love him. My first letter from him contained glitter- I mean how would not love him? He returns home in June from Paris France.

Harry Potter Dance. Malfoy and Pansy. Us. Best Dance Ever. Ben's roommate and serving in the same mission. Smiles and dancing are the words that come to mind when I think of him. He is soo witty and always wore bow ties. Love. Him. He returns from Paris France in June also.


Other best friend. One of my first memories of him is this dance party we went to and I started jerking and that's when I think he gained real respect for me- white girls can dance. I usually drove him places, told him to find me a hott rugby boy (he has failed thus far), and soo many inside jokes. I email him like every week, one of the only boys to continue writing. He r
eturns in August from the Philippines, (hopefully he won't fail in finding me a hott rugby boy this time around).


Love this boy. You could never resist a smile around him. Biggest heart, sweetest boy. Little prankster. Always participating in everything and anything.
One night we may or may not have driven around in my car windows down, music blaring, and sin
ging and yelling at passersby. He returns from Br
azil in August.


Boy oh boy. I took him snowboarding, an asian boy from New Zealand might I remind you, and he skied in jeans, in snow. That right there is the definition of him. He was hilarious, but not on purpose. He texted me during the summer and said hey do you have room on your couch? Uh sure? K I'm coming to Cali. Spent a whole week doing awesome things in California. He returns in August from Washington D.C.

Best home teacher ever. Sings like Michael Buble. Also from California. Needless to say an amazing person. Returns from Romania next September.


Swim buddy. Roommates with Ben and Sean, therefore are adventures were never less than amazing. Ex. Harry Potter Dance!!!! Clearly best group there. He returns from Peru next November.

Clearly I have met some amazing people. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to meet and develop friendships with all of these boys. These aren't all the amazing missionaries I know or all the stories and memories I have, but had I put all of them you would be reading a novel. If you ever see them, stop and say hello- they will change your life in a way that words can not describe.


  1. YAY! When they get home and you're friends with all of them again, can I come? They might not remember who I am, but I think they're all pretty awesome.