Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to the Grind

Well it's the time again- SCHOOL!!!!! I can not believe I am already a junior, it seems like just yesterday I was moving into the dorms and meeting my roommates, and now I will graduate next April!!

This semester I am only taking 4 real classes, I mean swim is not a class- it is .5 credits and p/f. Anyways I am taking Calculus- kill me now, Doctrine and Covenants- the second half-apparently my teacher is crazy, Political Science 200- Kill me again, and Spanish 321. So far my classes have been okay, nothing too crazy or exciting has happened, but I have a feeling I may fall off the face of the earth near the middle of the semester. Apparently my Political Science class should really be called PLSC 666, but hey.

I moved into a new house closer to campus, and since I am strong and not weak and not a fat chipmunk like this time last year, I have to walk up the stairs of death. In reality it is much better than having to look for a parking spot. I have my own room, it is a shared room but I have it to myself which means, private bathroom, two beds, oh yeah and privacy galore. I like my roommates. Also I can tell I am going to like my ward as well, they are really social and seem pretty fun!! Well lets hope I survive this semester, it is only the third day.

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