Friday, January 20, 2012

Sports Hero Day

Yesterday I volunteered for BYU's Sports Hero Day. Sixth graders from around the Wasatch county come to BYU and get to learn about sportsmanship, overcoming obstacles, setting goals, and such from BYU's athletes. I had some very funny experiences with these sixth graders. When they first got to me the boys and girls naturally were segregated and the boys REALLY wanted to meet Riley Nelson and football players, but sadly our group didn't get to see the football players. I had one guy think he was just great, but when the athletes had them do little drills, sadly he was no A-Rod, but that's all right. They were soo hyper, I couldn't believe anyone could be so hyper at such an early time. We mostly saw female athletes and this only little boy would get caught in a gaze and wave and say "I like you" it was pretty funny because the other kids were like "dude that's weird" The last workshop my group went to was the cheerleaders and they were ECSTATIC to meet CHEERLEADERS!! On the way there non stop I heard "I wanna meet a cheerleader" and lucky for them they did. One of which was Jimmer's Fiancee and she gave them hugs at the end, and then they found out who she was and they could not stop talking about "I GOT TO HUG A CHEERLEADER" it was probably the best and only thing they will remember from sixth grade. The cheerleaders had them play missionary tag and this one girl in my group DID NOT want to be partners with a boy. Her partner had gone to put her jacket down and the boys were like "Erica (I don't actually remember her name) I will be your partner" and she gave them the sassiest look ever. I couldn't help but laugh. All in all it was a lot of fun and will definitely do it again!

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