Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some of the greatest

Freshmen year we had a quote board.

It was great. Now I have my own personal quote board to remember the funny things I hear this summer. Here are some of the best:

My grandpa *side note, he will be the wittiest person until he dies* In reference to a picture of himself from about 20 years ago: " I'm so good looking I didnt even recognize myself"

Boss' wife at work "oh yeah they have big 'ol fake bazoongas, trust me no one will be checking this out"

A.T - Mac's BFF, who I have the pleasure of tutoring for the third year in a row, talk about job security. In reference to the lady who chopped off her husbands manhood " There is no point in living with out a ****"

My boss " I have offered your services to so and so" ok I guess I am now a prostitute

Nikki- Young crazy lawyer at work, she is hysterical, when you first meet her you're like haa you're a lawyer, wow. "Yeah when I was like 12 I was skiing and I had to pee so bad on the run and the bathroom was soo far, so I just went in my pants. And I was wearing bibs that were impossible to take off." ha

This last one is not a quote but more of a scenario. At work the people that I personally work with are middle aged married women who have children. The young guy who brings stuff into the vending machine is like 22 23 and rather good looking. Everytime he comes in they all "have to get something from the kitchen" and walk out like he is the most gorgeous thing to walk the earth. Its like ok calm down women, some of you could be his mother.

These are just a few of the summer, there will be more as time goes on!!!

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