Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet Mac

Most of you know my little brother, who is not so little anymore. This was when he was cute:

Now, I'm not sure what adjective best describes him. So why am I blogging about him? Well lets face it, he is my best friend this summer since I only care to hang out with a few select people from back home- those reading this from back home that I don't hang with- the feelings mutual, you don't text me. Anyways we do a lot of things together, like shopping, eating, rock climbing, playing racket ball, speaking sarcasm, making fun of Bill and Shauna, watching TV, and other
things. Therefore I decided he deserved a blog post.

Here are some things you should know about Mac, pros and cons

- He is scared of spiders
- He is almost 6'1"
- He is 16 almost 17
- He LOVES baseball
- He is a pitcher
- He thinks he is God's gift to the earth
- He walks into my room 2-3 x daily just to flex for me-even though I don't ask, how thoughtful right
- He eats like an animal, I no longer am willing to buy lunch for him because his meal is usually 2-3x more than mine
- He is a brat
- His phone never leaves his hand
- He thinks he is more intelligent than me..........
- He isn't really into video games
- He is bad driver-hence two tickets in one week
- He has been to the baseball world series, and in the newspaper
more times than me -_-
- He sleeps in a twin bed, most of lenky limbs hang over the edges
- He loves his big sister
- He couldn't say my name until he was like 3 so he would call me wheffi, or sassa (sister)
- He has started wearing tank tops ( can you say tool)
- He makes brownies and eats them before anyone can have any, and when ever I make them, he eats them all
- He likes the Redwings, NY Giants, Angels, and the Celtics
-Our summer usually revolves around his baseball!!!

Anyways now you all know a little bit more about little Macky poo who will be graduating next year!!!

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  1. Ha ha oh Lex funny post! Mac is pretty funny, when you describe him I sit there and think "no waayyyy"
    I'm excited to read more of your blog!