Monday, July 18, 2011

Sparkly Jeans

No I do not want Sparkly Jeans, I solely want to be a member. A member of what? The sparkly jeans club- freshmen year Merilee and I nicknamed the wives of the football players the sparkly jeans club because we noticed they ALL had sparkly jeans. We each had our first pick of who we would want to initiate us into the club(of course we found out if they already had initiated someone duh) and they fell victim to our stalking- unknown to them of course!! They always had the best seats- didn't have to climb the heinous stairs, didn't have to pay for the great seats, 0h yeah and were married to beautiful men. So over the years we strive to become members, but we don't know all the right people, but one day one day we will be presidents of the sparkly jeans club- national branch, not just the BYU branch. We first have to find this years prey.......


  1. Ha ha oh dear, good luck! Let me know if you can hook me up!

  2. Haha yesss. I just decided to look at your sidebar and see if any blog post titles caught my eye... This one definitely did. Too bad that gingerbread house I made you freshman year can't ever become a reality...