Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puzzle Pieces

Sometimes I think about relationships we have and how they just start so easy and everything just works and falls into place, ask me why I do not know the answer but to me this is like a puzzle, like one of those 5000 piece ones that take FOREVER to complete. At first we put the easy ones together like the edges and corners and looks like this is easy. Then you get to the 4950 inner pieces and many look the same and are the same shape. Soon it gets difficult and you put some pieces into the wrong spot, and you continue telling yourself its fine and it will work just because you are scared to break it apart and start from the beginning. So when you get to the finale it isn't a picture its a jumbled mess of pieces that fit together somewhere else in the puzzle. So in order to make it look like the beautiful picture it is meant to be you have to break it apart and fix the areas you messed up in. This is like any kind of relationship, everything is easy and things start to get complicated and you know you each need to fix things about the relationship but are scared of calling it quits if it gets brought up, and as time continues you do it over and over again until the point where you don't even know what you are and want to continue working to be that great relationship, but sometimes you have to separate yourselves and work on things individually, and then work as a team to develop to be the power couple you were meant to be!

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