Monday, July 18, 2011

Some may call me a miracle worker

Most of you are probably like, "yeah I don't think I would call you that" but I know 3 people that would (at least) A.T, and Mr. and Mrs. De La Garza.

Why might you ask?? Well this is A.T

and yes those are my sunglasses. This was taken right before I left for BYU. My favorite quote from him that day was, "i like how the sand exfoliates my feet" anyways he is Mac's BFF and sometimes we think lover (just kiddin). He does not always say or do the most intelligent things. So for the second summer, I have been ever so lucky to tutor him in Math. This year its algebra, and he failed it the first time around. This past week I spent a total of 8 hours in 3 days over there. He just needed a C to get what he wanted from his parents and hopefully into college. Well he not only got a C he got a B!!!!! I will definitely take credit for this because I had I not been there to walk him through EVERY step, he would have probably guessed on everything and got an F..again. If he were lucky maybe a D. But he didn't. When I get back from Utah I get to do the whole second semester. Let's hope he does not procrastinate until the last week it is due again, and maybe we can have more time to finish and maybe get a better grade!!!!! :)

P.S this is why it takes so long-
I am no miracle worker, I am however a tutor ( and occasionally a babysitter)

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