Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Wednesday

Alright on the agenda for this fine day we headed to Ford's Theater- you know where Lincoln was assassinated. It was soo interesting. They had all the stuff that JWB (John Wilkes Boothe) used to plan out his strategy- his clothes. Even the gun. Other stuff including Lincoln's suit and shoes- to show that he was a rather large man. Anyways did you know the theater is still a practicing theater?? I did not know this. However the presidential box is all closed off and is a semi memorial to Abe and George Washington.

After Ford's theater we headed down the street to the International Spy Museum, and had Lunch at the spy cafe. For me? Chicken tenders please. We headed into the museum, and when you first get there you choose a person you want to be and have to memorize all this stuff about them. Here was my person
Angelina Falcone
she was 21
from italy
going to Vietnam for business

They later quizzed you throughout the museum to see how much you remembered- basically I was so good I should work for the CIA. Anyways the museum showed the transformation of technology for spies- rectal tool kits- um no thanks. It was really cool. They showed the different uses from each war, and celebrities, who were also alleged spies. One lady was a triple agent while her husband was a double agent. Overall very interesting.

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