Sunday, August 14, 2011

D.C: Monday

Ok so this day was the most walking filled- I am convinced we walked like 12 miles that day. Anyways here's the day as follows:

We took the metro to downtown and walked to the White house. We took some pics:

My mom wanted to go see the White house geese- instead of the front of the white house. Thus she forced us to take pics with the geese.

Since the Washington Monument was just across the street we walked over there and saw it. It is truly magnificent. We also got tickets to go to the top later that night.

We proceeded to the Lincoln Memorial and stopped at the WW2 Memorial first. I was sooo tempted to jump in the water!

The walk to see 19 foot Linc is a lot longer than it seems. Oh and of course the reflection pool was removed and being replaced.

We then walked to the Korean war and Vietnam memorials on our way to get some lunch and the food court in the Reagan Building. This building in itself was huge. We probably walked a mile just in there to get some lunch. The food court was huge and mall worthy. Ate with some important people. NBD.

We then journeyed to the Smithsonian Institutes. First stop the Museum of American history. They were all free, which was nice, but we got scanned every time we went into a new building. My favorite displays were: the olympic one- of course, and the exhibit of the First Lady's Inaugural gowns. They were so beautiful.

We then walked aways to the Museum of Natural History. Some exhibits were a little more boring than others. At this point my feet hurt sooo bad from walking and I thought I was going to die. Here we saw the biggest diamond: the Hope diamond. I wouldn't mind if my engagement ring were just a bit smaller! ;) We took a break in the cafe, and I was trying to convince everyone not to get up because we were tired and sore and I just wanted to go take a nap- FAIL.

We headed over the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. We weren't allowed to take pictures because it could damage the documents. But it was really cool to see them in person and get to read them, even though most of them were fading. Some people were really annoying here, asking stupid questions and little kids putting their faces all over the glass. Ew gross.

About this time we decided to head over to the Washington Monument for our 7:30 elevator ride to the top. Which was really far. and it was hot. But luckily I made it and we were able to get on an earlier ride. It only took 70 seconds to get to the top, which was pretty impressive. You can pretty much see everything within a 25 mile radius. Pretty awesome.

We finally reached the metro station and of course the train took forever to get there and there was no where to sit while waiting. But eventually we made it back. My dad went and got dinner-Chipotle, and then we basically just crashed!!

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