Saturday, August 13, 2011

Washington D.C: Saturday and Sunday

I am just going to do the first two days together because not a whole lot happened that is worthy of one post each. So Saturday:

Well we really left Friday night and took the red eye. It wasn't too bad but I wish we were rich enough to fly first class because being squished between my mom and Mac wasn't the most comfortable thing. And whoever we flew didn't give complimentary snacks -_-

So we arrived around noon on Saturday and I swear both Houston and Dulles airport are so freaking ginormous we had to walk like a mile just to get to our next destination.

We rented our car went to the hotel blah blah. Then we decided to get some lunch, so we walked down the street in Georgetown to grab something quick so we could head back and get some real sleep in our tempur-pedic beds. So we ate at this place called Z-burger, and it was pretty good.

We took our amazing 3 hour naps. and then got up and watched a little T.V. Mac slept for like 5 hours. We had to wake him up so we could get some dinner and grab a few things at the store.

Where do you think we went for dinner? A fancy little cafe? or some nice sit down restaurant? um nope McDonalds. Yes, it was fast and we weren't starving so Mickey Dees is where we went, (plus it was open late)

While there we met this kind black gentleman, who insta
ntly became our friend and my brother's 3rd biggest fan (after my grandpa and us) he though he was 21 because of his peach fuzz and thinks he will be famous because he plays baseball. He also thought my dad was a surfer dude- he's a little old to be a "dude"

After we hit up safeway and went back and crashed.


We woke up and went to Mount Vernon. For those who don't know
what that is, it is George Washington's estate. It was HUGE. He was truly an amazing man. I don't think there is anyone in history that will be able to top his innovation skills. There was so much to see there and he literally had his own little city. However, it was so HOTTTTT. Humidity is not my friend, what so ever. Luckily they have installed a sort of air conditioning system in his home. We also ate lunch at the inn there. It was rather good, except for the old wood smell. There were some fun trinkets and history books. M
y souvenir from there is a.......warped penny :)

(George's House- of course they were refacing it while we were there)

(View of the Potomac from the Backyard)

That is just a short synopsis of what we did there- basically because it was just walking around and looking at all the stuff he had. But on our way back to the hotel we decided to drive through the city and see where things were.

For dinner we ate at Angelico's Pizza. It was pizza by the slice = BOMB delicious pizza. Although the worker wasn't very friendly. Oh well.

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