Thursday, August 25, 2011

D.C Tuesday!!!

So after our exhausting day and miles of walking the day prior we slept in- oh 'til about 10:30ish. Anyways we decided to take a tour of the city on these amphibious cars called the "DC Ducks" historical car/boats from WW2.

We took the bus to the metro to union station- that place is like a mall- fancy restaurants, shops, and a food court. We were lucky enough to get right on the next tour.

It was tons of fun, they look like a boat on wheels, and it drives through the city showing major landmarks, and telling riders about the history of the city, and then it drives right into the Potomac river and you get to see the city from the water- although there is not too much to see.

It was nice because we didn't have to walk for an hour and half in the scorching heat. However, there was this family from Israel and the kids didn't speak English so the father was translating everything while the kids were speaking Hebrew at the top of their lungs, Mac wanted to smack them soooo bad- I don't blame him.

Anyways afterwards we decided to hit up the national air & space museum, where we got to see the original Kitty Hawk and loads of other planes and rockets and flight attendant uniforms, and such. The funniest part of my experience there was that I nearly got punched in the face.

Here's the story: They have this little game where like 12 people can play and they answer the questions with a little panel and such, well Mac and my dad wanted to play (basically who is smarter- obv dad) anyways I was watching on the other side of the circle by this other boy and his little brother well the older got one right and apparently he was super excited about his correct response and decided to do that like "lunge-sideways-and-punch-sideways" well apparently he didn't realize I was standing right there and missed my face by like 6 inches- he didn't recognize my presence until about 3 minutes later, meanwhile Mac is laughing hysterically.

We decided to head back to the Savoy and of course I fell asleep. During the evening we walked around Georgetown and decided to eat at this restaurant called Serendipity. It was alright- dessert = TO DIE FOR!! They have one in NY and Vegas and here is where you can buy this.

A side note: Have you ever run into someone rather cute at a store or something, and think of course I look like poo- I just got out of the shower and don't have makeup on, or I just got done with the gym? Yeah that usually happens to me.

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